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I guide leaders through three key stages:




checking people will pay for it


goals and practical scheduled milestones

A process to start turning each idea into a profitable and sustainable output.

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Tonisha Tagoe Client Testimonial

Hi, I’m Tonisha Tagoe

The CEO of The Entrepreneur Toolbox.

My vision is to see young and new female entrepreneurs flourish and grow, using ever-evolving techniques and knowledge to guide and nurture an attitude for success. Never one to shy from hard work, I know the value of getting stuck in and fighting to earn your place at the table.

International Entrepreneurship Ladies Club

How does it work?

From budding entrepreneur to enterprise leader, you will embark on a 5 months, tailored experience that takes you through every step of running a successful business. We personalise our service to match your unique business needs and demands while remaining constantly flexible and mindful of an ever-evolving marketplace. 

Our mission is to supply you with the knowledge, tools and resources required for starting a business, but we never overwhelm you with jargon, buzzwords or too much information at once. You will get a new section of focus every month over 14 weeks, scaled and tinkered to match the progress and growth of your business.


What’s included? 

  • Complimentary welcome session where we introduce you to the Bootcamp and create a strategic plan for your growth.
  • 5 months of coaching tailored around taking you from an aspiring business owner to a capable entrepreneur.
  • Weekly group sessions online where we work through the business planning process track your progress and set goals.


Bonus features:

  • Access to the Client Portal, a digital hub for communicating with coaches, other entrepreneurs and tracking your progress.
  • A FREE digital copy of The Ultimate Enterprise Planner worth £247!
  • Optional one-to-one add-on coaching sessions.

You get a FREE digital copy of The Ultimate Enterprise Planner worth £247!

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Want to know what it’s like to work with me?

In great esteem do I hold the success and satisfaction of the many wonderful clients I have had the opportunity of guiding across the years. From developers and coders all the way to fashion designers, I have had the invaluable experience of working with some of the most creative and intelligent minds in business today.

Case Study: Fruit Boost

Supervised but not managed by his supporting parents, a 12-year-old entrepreneur harvests his passion and ambition to launch a successful juice bar aimed at the healthy foods market in Croydon. 

When they joined the Enterprise Toolbox programme, they’d already had a pop-up stall in Camden Town and had then opened a juice bar in the same area.

I worked closely with Fruit Boost to build their confidence when it came to public speaking and showed them how to develop a successful sales pitch. They had 12 coaching sessions with me, and we developed a pitch deck, a document for investor briefings and decided what their business model and actions would be for the forthcoming 12 months.

After working together, the shop attracted a lot of new customers interested in Fruit Boost’s products which include no-added sugar, gluten or meat products which means a win for all those who are vegan. We also attracted the attention of the local press putting the business right in the spotlight! Fruit Boost continues to be successful and there are plans for another four stores to open across major cities in the UK. I could not be prouder of this kid!


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