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3 top strategies on how to generate new leads through your coaching website

It can be very difficult sometimes to generate new leads while your busy coaching clients and managing your coaching business.

Lead generation is important for the survival of every business, without new leads coming in, you’ll soon run out of cash for your business.

Going out to networking events can seem overwhelming, you often waste valuable time and end up getting leads that are just not willing to pay for your service offerings. Posting endless content on social media can seem like a winning formula too but without any strategy behind it, it can quickly become a waste of time. A lot of coaches end up being paid less than they are worth, working with clients who just don’t value their expertise.

Your website is the only piece of valuable real estate that you have online that you can fully control what goes on there and how it looks. As a business coach, you should be taking full advantage of using your website to generate new leads, with just a few simple strategies you can attract new prospects that are willing to buy your coaching services.

Here are my 3 top strategies that will help you to generate leads from your coaching website.

1 – Produce content, without great content, your clients will struggle to find you. Provide your potential clients will useful free information that encourages them to engage with your content. Blogs are a great way to generate new content on your website. Initially, it can be hard to take time out of coaching your clients to produce content, schedule time into your calendar once a week to focus on producing quality content.

2 – Make sure you are using Calls to Action or CTA’s for short, this can be in the form of an image, button or message that encourages your website visitors to take some sort of action. A simple ‘Book a Call’ or ‘Book a Free Discovery Call’ button located on your menu and throughout your site pages can encourage people easily to book a call with you. You can easily connect to a scheduling app like Calendly to make your life easier and very quickly fill your calendar with new client meetings.

3 – Create a landing page, CTA’s are great, however, they need to lead somewhere, a landing page is a perfect way to use a webpage to capture lead information, in exchange for an offer. Many coaches now use landing pages to capture contact details like emails, usually in the form of a ‘Subscribe to Newsletter’ form. Any valuable content you have in the form of lead magnets like free ebooks or cheatsheets can be sent out along with your newsletter. prospects who are willing to engage with you are highly likely to become clients in the future.  

And there you have it my 3 top strategies that will help you to generate leads from your coaching website.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you generate leads and save you time in your coaching business, feel free to get in touch with me and book a discovery call.

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