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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

It was great to be invited along today to the MK:U Coworking Drop-in Celebrating Women’s Day!

So good to see so many inspirational women in business, from and around Milton Keynes, such as Keri Rossiter-Turner, Gill Perkins, Vanessa Anderson, Samantha Poole, Kanika Nagpal

As a Web Design Consultant, I have the pleasure of working with a host of female coaches, consultants, mentors, speakers, authors and thought leaders.

Who always have such inspirational stories to tell on their websites.

It’s always great to see both women and men succeeding in business, and supporting one another.

Thanks for inviting me along Paula Wojciechowska, and congratulations on your 1st year MK:U as the Innovation Hub Coordinator!

Pleasure to see experts: Keisha S., Naomi Higby, Samantha Poole

Great to see my networking connections, friends and clients.

Thank you for the selfies, ladies!

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