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Brand New Coaches Landing Page launch

And the story behind its speedy creation…

Going back just a week ago, I got off a call with coach and mentor Lianne Byrne from Cape Town, South Africa.

Lianne describes herself as a “Corporate escapee turned productivity mentor & marketing and accountability coach”.

“I teach women how to use technology, marketing and planning tools to create systems and automation for greater PRODUCTIVITY and illuminate what is possible in the world of online business”.

“My ultimate aim is to help free up their time, reduce stress & anxiety so they find real balance, reclaim their lives and purposefully go after their goals”.

Lianne practices what she preaches, during our call I said how I had been deliberating for the past few months about building out a brand-new site just for my coaching clients, however I didn’t have the time to put into it just yet. 

Her advice was “Why don’t you just do a landing page James?” and then it hit me, that would be the most effective thing I can do right now, Lianne herself was also in the process of creating her own landing page. So, she said let’s do the “Create your Landing Page 2-week Challenge together”, which she invented herself on the spot!

I create landing pages all the time for my coach clients, yet I had never created one for myself!

The challenge was set, and we both were accountable to each other, there was only one thing to do which was to get to work.

Lianne has a way of giving you the productive kick up the backside that you need all the way from Cape Town, South Africa!!!

And after a week of work here is my brand-new landing page designed exclusively for business coaches, consultants and mentors…..

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