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How visual image content can help your SEO

As humans we love nothing more than eye-candy from TV and Cinema, Newspapers and Magazines though to the dawn of the Internet and Email, nothing has changed. With new advances in video and image technology over the last few years its never been an easier time to use visual image content to help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A picture really does tell a 1,000 words and a video can tell even more words. Social media is full of companies and people all wanting to tell you their story through images and video as visual content, they know just what to post to get you to engage.  

As a graphic designer I get to create visual content for myself and clients that’s able to connect with an audience, simple visual content makes a big difference, it doesn’t have to be a complex piece of graphic design.

Read my latest blog post and infographic for more, feel free to download as a JPEG or PDF.

How Visual Image Content Can Help Your SEO

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