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Yes, I have a degree in ‘YouTube-ology’, what’s that you’re probably wondering? It’s a term I coined myself but I’m sure I heard it somewhere before, so I won’t take all the credit for it.

Anything and everything you ever wanted to learn is being taught by someone out there from halfway across the world or even just next door on YouTube.

Pay attention, sit down, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable, sharpen your pencil because your about to learn something, that many people would pay £1,000’s for at university or college.

I’ve spent countless hours learning about design, marketing and business. I am constantly learning new skills every day. Just because you’ve left the classroom it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new to learn. The design industry doesn’t stop evolving just because you’ve finished your degree. Almost every industry is the same from Accountancy, Law to Construction.

It’s never been an easier or better time in our history to get a computer, get online and start consuming video content.

Don’t spend all your free time binge-watching pointless TV shows on Netflix or TV. Visit YouTube and search for a hobby or business idea that interests you and learn something new today that can change your life.

Get watching, get learning and start applying.

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